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Solvejg is a young Circus performer who catches the audience with her skills in the diabolo play. In her work she is using the diabolo in a unconventional and personal style in combination with a high technical level. But it's rather a constant interplay between the performer and the diabolo and not seldom both of them are melting together.

In summer 2014 Solvejg finished her bachelor study at ACaPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art) in the Netherlands. During this four year education to become a circus artist, she specialized herself in the diabolo play.

Beside her skills in the diabolo play, she knows to use elements of theatre, dance, acrobatics and performance art in her performances. As well as her skills in music, she plays the accordion and the flute.




“The diabolo. Two half shells, two sticks and a rope.

But I got seldom to know something as well as this object.

I know its malice, I know its strength and I know from its endless possibilities.

An object is never ling nor cheating.


The diabolo is just following the higher rules of gravity and centrifugal force.

Object manipulation is not going against this conditions but using it as a tool.


When I play with the diabolo I dance with it and I give it a voice.I create the illusion of giving it a live.”

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