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The Line

Diabolo performance

With this performance you get taken in a new dimension of the diabolo play. Two strings across the stage, a diabolo and two sticks. Thats her world, where she invites you to take part in for a little while. A world where the diabolo jumps and rolls from string to string as if it has his own live, where the image creates vision and results in a constant dialog between objects and performer. A dialog full of whispering and laughter, intent silence and meaningful words.

This piece is about object manipulation, movement and space and not at last about precision. In a surprising way the performer directs the diabolo over the strings through the space, teases the gravity and chases the impossible.

A subtle and strong performance of a woman sharing her joy to play with this, for her well known, objects.


Diabolo Performance

It's just a game.

But what happens if the 5 lives are gone?


There are rules to be followed and there is no cheating. Every mistake gets strictly punished.


This piece is made of small sequences about how to deal with two diabolos. That doesn't mean that it is about playing two diabolos all the time. Actually it's more about manipulating them without playing both at the same time. The performer brings herself in quite wired positions in order to move the two diabolos from one place to the other around her body.


An amusing and real performance, but never twice the same. Depending on fortune and maybe as well a little bit of luck.




Solvejg is part of the circus company "FahrAwaY - Zirkusspektakel". It's a small touring circus in Switzerland. Since 2010 they create every summer a new piece to perform outside in the coulisse of the wouden caravans. In winter 2015 they created for the first time a indoor piece for a tent or a hall and toured with it during the winter months.

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Station Circus

Solvejg is co-founder, part of the organization team and artist of the project Station Circus in Basel (CH). The aim of Station Circus is to offer a platform for new circus, something thats still rare in Switzerland. Spread over the whole year there is a program of performances from different national and International artists and companies. 

At the same time Station Circus is the training and creation space for Circus FahrAwaY as well as for other artists.

More informations you can find here:

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